6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Getting a Fence or Fence Quote

Below is a list of 6 questions to ask yourself to better prepare for a fence.

Certagrain Vinyl Fence in Brazilian Blend color.

1. Why do I need a fence? To keep in the dog? To keep in the kids? Nosy neighbors? This question will help you select what kind of material is best for your situation. For example, if you need to keep in your small dog and want to have a decorative aluminum or steel fence it is best to get puppy pickets, so your dog will not be able to slide through and defeat the purpose of the fence. If you are trying to keep your nosy neighbors from peeping into your yard, you would probably want a privacy wood or vinyl fence.


2. How long does my fence have to be in linear feet? Do I need any walk through or drive through gates?  If you aren’t sure of the exact measurements even a guess is good. In a typical backyard, one side of the property is 50 feet. Any kind of approximate measurement can help an Anchor Fence representative give you a quote. Or you can even use our online form and have an approximate quote emailed to you.


3. Is there a particular style of fence you have in mind? Or are you not sure of what style? On our webpage, you can pick out a style if you are not sure of what you want or not sure of what it is called. If you still do not know the name of a style of fence, but can find a picture you can email us and we will be more than happy to help you out.


4. What city are you in? First off, make sure we service the area you are in. Cities around Michigan have different codes when it comes to fence, some may not allow the type of fence and height that you want.


5. What is your budget? Let us know what your budget is, this way we can steer you toward the options that would fit in your budget and that can also solve the problem in which you were looking to get a fence in the first place.


6. Lastly, what is my landscape like? Think about where your sprinklers are located and any underground wires. Let your estimator know so they can accurately draw up an estimate and save the nightmare of having to go through repairs. Miss Digg locates underground utilities, but does not locate private lines and sprinkler lines. Another question about landscaping, is the intended fence line within a sprinkler’s spray pattern? Constant watering can shorten the life of a wood fence, you may want to go with a different material such as metal or vinyl. Another option would be to move the fence line away from the sprinkler spray.


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