Maintaining a Wood Fence

Wood fence needs a little more maintenance than any other material. The wooden panels used for fences are susceptible to termites and rotting which is unique to this type of fence material. There are many steps to upkeep a wood fence. It is important that wood fences are checked regularly for the following.

First off, you must make sure that you perform inspections often. The sooner a problem is spotted and fixed, the less effort, time and resources and ultimately money that will need to be spent in order to repair it. Make sure the wooden fence is properly stained to give it a proper protection from the elements. Also, you must remember that you need to re-stain your fence panels once every few years because the layer falls of under the influence of the weather conditions (rain, snow, sunlight,etc.). If you have broken or rotting panels, you can just replace those panels (that’s one of the perks of using a wooden fence).

Typical wood fence.

Another thing to look out for are termites. It is very important to spot them early on because it is possible that termites will spread to homes. There are different pesticide solutions available for termites that are safe on wood fence. If you spot mold or dirt on your wooden fence panels, a simple hosing and/or scrubbing will suffice.

An alternative to wood fence, without the constant maintenance and up keep is vinyl fence. Vinyl fence can also comes in Certagrain texture which mimics the color and feel of wood fence, but has minimal need for service or inspections. In the case of the fence getting muddy or dirty, a simple hosing down will remove any dirt build up. This material does not rot, mold or attract termites. Another perk of vinyl fence is minimal damage to fence due to weather. Also vinyl fence does not need to be stained.

All in all a vinyl fence is virtually maintenance free and comes in a variety of color and textures (which can be seen by clicking here). Vinyl fence can last a lifetime due to its resilience to weather (snow, rain, sun, etc.). Most importantly due to the rising costs of wood due to demands because of building and natural disasters, vinyl is now a cheaper alternative to wood.

Certagrain textured vinyl fence in Sierra Blend color.



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